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Page 139 Sneak Peek!

Written by Victor on . Posted in Progress Blog

Zik with his new helmet!

Good day, everyone! Here’s a sneak peek of next week’s page, which I’ve actually already completed! I couldn’t sleep so I just kept working haha. As you can see, Zik is wearing his new helmet! This page sees Zik’s ship in flight again, which I haven’t drawn in such a long time! It feels good to get that bird in the air again! See you next page!

Page 138 Spoiler: Zik’s New Costume!

Written by Victor on . Posted in Progress Blog

Hi guys! Since I was reluctant to reveal the Chadee last week, I thought I’d give you a spoiler sneak peek this week! This is it, the big reveal of Zik’s new costume! Amelia, of course, has something snarky to say, but she’s sassy like that. Next page, Zik will actually put on the helmet. As you may have seen in the art gallery, the helmet is quite different! See you Tuesday!

Page 136 Preview and Chadee Fighter

Written by Victor on . Posted in Progress Blog

The Chadee fighter used on the Kodiak!

Good morning, ladies and gents! Here’s a little peek at the next page. 136 is a massive undertaking.. there are 9 panels and 28 human figures on it for me to work on. I’m covering what I might normally do in 2 or 3 pages in just one. The reason is that there isn’t a hell of a lot happening! It’s just hellos and how do you dos. But there’s a lot of dialogue to cover, so it needs a bunch of panels. Think about what happens when company comes over to your house: it suddenly gets really noisy with lots of people exchanging greetings. That’s what’s happening.

So I thought I’d show you a closer view of the Chadee fighter I debuted last page. They’re pretty small because the Chadee are smaller than humans. They’re octagonal so that more of them can be stored in the Kodiak’s hangar in a tighter fit. The four wings each have two engines on them, one facing the back, one facing the front. These are mainly directional thrusters. In space, all four are used at different thrust levels to maneuver the fighter. Since there’s no air resistance or gravity to worry about, the ship can perform all kind of crazy tricks just by adjusting the thrust on all those engines.

The window in the front is mainly for show. Space is so huge that a window would be pretty useless. So it’s a window but also a screen upon which all the information the Chadee pilot will need is displayed.

So what the heck is a Chadee?? Stay tuned! That’s the big reveal for next page!

Page 135 Sneak Peek!

Written by Victor on . Posted in Progress Blog

Page 135 peek! What could have surprised the Clonoid so much?

Good morning! Here’s a sneak peek of page 135! I don’t want to post anything else because this is a big climactic part of the story and I don’t want to give away what’s happening on the page.

This episode is rapidly drawing to a close.  That means next episode is incoming! The next episode features quite a lot more heroic antics from your favorite SciFi protagonist. I’m using the next story to establish a visual and narrative style that I will also use with the members-only comics. I’m also hopefully going to go to full colour, but I have to see if I can make that work with my workflow without slowing it down. After all, my goal is to increase productivity, not slow down!

In the meantime, enjoy the ride! There are a few more surprises left in this episode, so stay tuned!

Page 134 Work In Progress

Written by Victor on . Posted in Progress Blog

Work in progress on page 134!

Hi guys! What a week… I’m way behind. Between snow days and the kids being off, my wife being ill, seizures, appointments and dealing with internet outages/repairs, I’ve not gotten much art done. But here’s where I’m at right now! As you can see, the destruction of Zik’s costume is proceeding apace. Here’s the big climax of the Clonoid fight.. how is Zik going to get out of this one??

Oh, one other thing: I’ve been doing some more concept sketching for Zik’s new costume and another thing we’ll see next page. I’ll share that stuff later. Okay, back to work for me!

Page 132 Sneak Peek!

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Sneak peek of page 132! Will they kiss??

This week you get a sneak peek of next Tuesday’s page. I’ve been really busy researching and learning about a new thing I want to bring to the website. I’ve been interested in cryptocurrency for years and never really did anything about it, because most of the plugins I use to run this site can’t integrate them. But I’ve learned of a new way to do some things so I’m trying to figure it out.

I’m also building a new video ad for the site and will be posting it to YouTube ASAP. It’ll be embedded on a new landing page that I’ll be placing at the home URL of the site. That’ll give the site a nice intro for new users.

So, lots is happening behind the scenes, and I didn’t really pause to grab a work-in-progress image for the progress blog. Instead, you get a sneak peek of the final page! They’re awfully close together; will Amelia and Zik share a kiss? They’re obviously feeling something for each other! It’s not the most romantic setting, but love isn’t logical, is it?

See you Tuesday!

Winged Seals Clan Crest!

Written by Victor on . Posted in Progress Blog

A crest for my clan in Clash Of Clans! #Q0PU82PU

I have something different for you guys today! In Clash Of Clans, the popular mobile game, my clan is about to hit clan level 10! It’s quite an achievement, and we’ve been working at it for almost two years. So to celebrate I created a clan crest! I’ve also added it to the Art Gallery.

If you’re into Clash Of Clans and want to check out our clan, we’re called Winged Seals and our clan tag is #Q0PU82PU

Page 130 Inks!

Written by Victor on . Posted in Progress Blog

Panel 1 inks from page 130!

Zik! Look out! He hasn’t had much time to react since last page.. will he make it out in time??

I kept this panel really simple because the other panel (that takes up the rest of the page) is a very big explosion with a lot of smoke and I didn’t want this panel to distract from it too much. In fact, the main explosion I redid twice because I wasn’t getting the look I wanted. I think I’ve got it nailed now, so I’m gonna go finish it up. See you Tuesday!

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