How To Rename Colors In Clip Studio Paint

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Hovering over a color in the Color Set palette with cause a pop-up to appear, containing the name of the color and its RGB values. (click image to expand)

Clip Studio Paint is a wonderful piece of software used by many artists for their digital creations. I has a lot of great features that set it apart from Photoshop as a better tool for creating digital illustrations. I use it for every page of my comic. But once in a while, I try to do something with it and can’t figure it out. Usually, I can find the question answered somewhere online, but in this case, I came up blank.

In Clip Studio Paint, there are several different methods for picking out what color you want to use. A very handy one is the “Color Set” palette, with which you can save specific colors for use at any time. I noticed that as I hovered my mouse over a color in the “Default” set, an information pop-up would appear containing the color’s name and its red, green and blue values.

Since I work in black-and-white, I’m constantly picking shades of grey as I work. Remembering the exact percentage of grey every time is a pain, so I wanted to set a color for, say, Amelia’s skin tone, and then name it as such so that I could go back and find it easily without opening an old document to pick the tones from it. But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to update the names of the colors in the Color Set palette.

So I made a few posts on Twitter and on a Clip Studio Paint forum, and after some back-and-forth with some Japanese users, I came across someone who knew how to do it! So here it is: how to rename the colors in the Color Set palette in Clip Studio Paint:

Palette Menu > How To Show > List Small

Step 1: Change The List Size

Next to the Color Set tab, you’ll see the little arrow symbol for the palette options menu. Click it to open the menu. Partway through the list of options, there is a sub-menu called “How To Show” – open that sub-menu. Inside that menu, you’ll find a bunch of different options to change how the palette is displayed. Select “List Small.” “List Medium” and “List Large” will also work, I just prefer seeing more on the screen instead of less.

Double-click on a color name to edit it.

Step 2: Double-Click On A Color Name

Once you have a list of colors, you’ll notice the traditional square with the color, and next to the square, the color’s name. Double-clicking on the color name will case the label to change into a text box.  Simply type in your new color name and hit Enter to set it.

Now the color name is “Cherry Red” instead of simply “Red”

Step 3: Revert To The Original View Setting (Optional)

If you want, you can now revert to the original way the palette was displayed by going back into the palette options menu, going back to “How To Show,” and selecting the “Step 8(6)” option.  Now your palette looks exactly like it did before, and if you hover over your colors, the pop-up will show your new color names.

And that’s it! That’s how to do it! Another way was mentioned: exporting the palette, importing it into Photoshop, changing the names, exporting the palette from Photoshop, and importing it again into Clip Studio Paint. That will work, but the above way is better. Hopefully this helps you out!

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