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Greg runs in to the factory and starts a riot! Zik checks Kyle for a pulse and doesn’t find one. Confused as to what just happened, he asks Trent what the heck is up with these two crazy guys. It turns out they’re regular rabble-rousers! Zik suddenly realizes that he was foolish to disregard Vera’s warning and rushes into the factory. Too late! The riot has already started!

There might be a bit of a pause before the next Zik page goes up. It turns out that the database over on Adam Black’s Locus site has gotten messed up and the pages from issue 13 onward don’t follow properly. I haven’t been able to make it work right, so I’m going to use this opportunity to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years now – upgrade the site completely! I’m hoping to enable the art to fill more of your screen so you can properly enjoy the sensual artwork that Adam lays down every time he picks up his paintbrushes. That dude can draw!

To tide you over until the next update, here’s what’s going on with my Iron Tiger pals!

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  • Barry is recounting a story from Phineus‘s past!
  • Terry has been bewitched in Errant Apprentice! Delores has to fight for her man!
  • Hal’Imet is a prisoner in The Ruins of Hesh’Imet!
  • Chance is kicking deity butt in The Path!
  • A rescue attempt is going horribly wrong in Hominids! Will Sno and Icari survive??
  • Trading fat for tails and losing years in the process?? It’s the zany Restaurante Macoatl!
  • Aliens have found a beacon from Earth! Will they invade? Find out at Mailbox Rocketship!
  • Santa Muerte is teaming up with a fractal spider demon god to deal with Locus: Godslayer! Do NOT miss out on this amazing story!

Until next time, Zik fans!

Trent Quickdraw

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The Clonoid soldier sets his sights on his next target: Zik! But he’s too slow, because Trent has him dead in his sights, literally! With one shot, Trent extinguishes the Clonoid in an astounding display of deadly accuracy (or perhaps beginners luck?). Zik is suitably impressed and immediately give Trent a new nickname: Trent Quickdraw! Greg then blames his own shortcomings and the death of his pal on Zik and runs into the factory. What’s he up to?

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great time celebrating tonight, and I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2015! For myself, I plan on starting the next Zik page right after I finish posting this.

A Fatal Mistake

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Kyle finishes off his Clonoid soldier, but leaves himself fatally exposed! The other soldier clocks Roger and fatally electrocutes Kyle! Zik is not pleased that things are rapidly spiraling out of control, and Trent starts pulling out his gun! Stay tuned for the next page to see who’s quicker on the draw!


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The clonoid soldiers aren’t interested in talking, so the prisoners decide to feed them lunch – a knuckle sandwich! Knowing that this is the breakpoint, our scheming friend presses the attack with a rock to the face! Sure enough, the clonoid soldiers fall back on their default setting when attacked by surprise: kill everyone and let the clonoid drones sort out the mess!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to page 100 of Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz! I’ve been having a really fun time telling this story for you, and I hope it’s been an enjoyable read until now. This story is going to get frenetic from here on in, so strap yourselves in! Thanks for being with me on this journey so far!


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Zik has used the prisoner cloak for the last time to get close enough to the guards to talk to them! Now that the need for disguises is over, he can gallantly (of course) cast it aside and ask for a negotiation! What will be the response? Stay tuned for page 100! Things are about to heat up!