Original Zik Page 1

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Here it is! Page 1 of Zik! The Calvin and Hobbes influence isn’t TOO obvious, is it? Regarding Zik, the concept I had back then was that Zoz had a government and Zik was part of a paramilitary exploration force. In today’s comic, Zoz has no government and Zik is an explorer-entrepreneur. So there is no planting flags anymore. But there is still high adventure and fun sci fi! That little dude on the mountain in the background of the last panel is Cameo Boy, which my pal Jonny drew onto each page of the comic once it was done. He’s like Waldo.. have fun finding him!
  • Is that Cyko Kid on the background mesa?!?

    • That’s Cameo Boy 🙂 He’s on every page for no particular reason.