Deep Fried

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Looks like our hero’s getting deep fried!  A shocking turn of events! Will he survive? Tune in Tuesday and find out! By the way, the Clonoid’s lightening weapon isn’t all that futuristic. Check it out, they’re working on it right now! If you’re looking for comics to keep you entertained between Zik updates, here are some choice choices! They’re all great comics, produced by great people!

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  • Does that antenna hurt all the time, or just when there’s bad reception?

    • The Clonoid soldiers don’t feel pain. All they feel is unquestioning obedience to Queen Elcyra, which is who is giving them orders via those antennas. She’s not the nicest lady.

  • Adam Black

    ZOWNT! Zik, you gotta learn to look behind you!

    •  Is this becoming a trope? I’m going to have to get Zik looking behind himself and then he gets attacked from the front.