Escape Attempt

Escape Attempt

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So now we see how the EVR system works! EVR stands for Extra-Vehicular Rescue.  Basically, if you’re ejected into space, you can use the boots to give you a propulsion boost and the grappling hook to attach yourself to a ship of some kind.  It’s a hail Mary sort of system, but it’s better than drifting in space till you freeze to death!  And yes, I know, Zik doesn’t have a face mask on — he doesn’t always wear it.  When we get into some real space combat scenes you’ll see the face mask part of Zik’s costume.  It’s a bit like what fighter pilots wear today. Hey, have you been following Adam Black’s Silk And Honey western webcomic? If you have (and you should!) you may be aware that Adam has been having site issues.  Those are solved now!  I set up some new digs for him over at and now you can see the comic as Adam originally intended! Update your bookmarks! And if you haven’t yet read this brand new western with monsters and babes, what in tarnation are you waiting for, pilgrim?! Lastly, I’d like to share this, which I posted to the Zik Facebook page yesterday.  Soon, humanity will be on more than one lonely, pale blue dot.

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  • Adam Black

    Hey, Clonoid! Howzabout a little BOOTTOTHEFACE with a side-order of ROCKETBLAST?!?

    Mmm-MMM! Just like Mom used to make.

    •  One order of Crispy Clonoid, coming right up!

  • phinmagic

    Ass kicking escape!

    •  A face burning one too! Let’s hope it works!!

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