Human After All

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Well, not only are these new beings human, they’re pretty selfish about claiming open space as their own.  Unless that’s their planet Zik was heading to? They’re a bit short on explanations and long on plasma bolt attacks! I’d like to extend a special thank you to two of the nicest people in webcomics, Raven Perez and Adam Black, for plugging Zik on their websites over the past weekend.  I’ve received a huge influx of readers because of those two guys, and I’m very grateful. I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far! See you Thursday when we’ll see just how Zik is going to handle these space cops!

    • F*CK YEAH! Hahaha! Well, this is about 1000 years in the future — there is no more USA! At least, not out here… we’ll see what happened on Old Earth later in the story!