It’s A Bird! Its A Plane!

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Actually, it is kind of a plane.  Looks like Zik’s descent hasn’t gone unnoticed by the locals! I wonder if they’re friendly?


  • Osmodeus

    presumably they are not friendly, nobody likes friendly anyway.

    also space boobs. boobs are great but why does every female in space have mammary glands? we are going to be so dissapointed when we discover life outside our planet and its all chitinous exoskeletol assexual reproducers.

    • Well, mammaries are a mammalian trait, and these are definitely mammals.  The Zernab Clonoids we’ve already seen are human, and this is their prison planet, and since we humans are very good at preying on our own species, it’s a safe bet that these two are humans as well.

      There will be alien races in this comic, but we haven’t seen them yet.  I’m still working on those storylines and character designs. The aliens in this comic will hold little to no resemblance to humans or even Earthling life.  That makes it a real challenge in terms of design, but I’m hoping to refine my ideas into something unique.

      As for friendly, well, wait and see! 😉