Really Elcyra? It's 1000 years in the future and "Take me to your leader" is what you're going with?

Laughing In The Face Of Danger

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Queen Elcyra has arrived! She opens her first official dialogue with a Zozian vessel by mocking the Zozians. Diplomacy isn’t important to a tyrant!

James Anchor gives a polite response with a stoney expression. Zik isn’t impressed either, but for him things are already personal – after all, Elcyra just killed a bunch of his new friends!

Elcyra introduces herself with the grandiose titles she has bestowed upon herself and tells the Zozians that they can have the honor of escorting her to meet with their leaders.

Zik and James look at each other with bemused expressions. Did she just say “Take me to your leader” to a ship full of anarcho-capitalists? The situation is too ludicrous for words, and everyone on the bridge cracks up laughing!

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