Hominids Fan Art Process

Written by Vic on . Posted in Progress Blog

I have some process pics to catch up on! I interrupted my work on page 105 because an opportunity arose to do a Hominids fan piece! I tried a few new things with it, including an entirely new process. I wanted to try my hand at digital painting for this one. I’ve always been intrigued by the flesh eaters in Jordan’s comic. They add a very dark and sinister element to what is otherwise a comic about a clash of two cultures. Painting them gave me an opportunity to try portraying them with some gritty brushes and textures. So here is my progress!

hominids-fan-art-1 hominids-fan-art-2 hominids-fan-art-3 hominids-fan-art-4 hominids-fan-art-5 hominids-fan-art-6

And with a few final tweaks, and here’s the final version!