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Are you enjoying Zik? Would you like more? You can become a member of this site and get access to all kinds of great extras! And by doing so you help Vic keep making comics for you! It’s a win-win! Plus, check out the stretch goals below, to see what bonus content will be unlocked as we gain subscribers!

We have the following subscriptions available for our site. To join, simply click on the Sign Up button and then complete the registration details.

Stretch Goals!

As the site expands and gains subscribers, I will commit to doing a series of extra things as stretch goals in order to enhance your experience as Zik members. So make sure you spread the word and get others to subscribe, because the more of us Zozians there are, the better it’ll be for everyone! Let’s unlock them all!

$20 per month: Project Zoz!

When we reach $20 per month, I will start up Project: Zoz, the prequel comic that tells the story of how and why the original Zozian settlers left Earth to find their new home. The story will be updated as often as possible without slowing down the main story line. It will be in full colour as well! Once that story is complete, there will be other Zik-related stories started, such as the story of how Queen Elcyra came to power!

$50 per month: WikiZikia!

I will be adding a Wikipedia-style information database on all things Zik, which will be available to all site members in the near future. Once we reach $50 I will populate it exhaustively, including potential spoilers.

$100 per month: bonus comic!

Once we reach $100 per month I will commission a special bonus comic by another artist just for site members! I already have a script planned out for this, so once we’re here I’ll send the script to another comic artist and pay them to make you guys a complete bonus Zik comic!

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