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Hang Time

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Another gallant rescue from our intrepid hero! Is there nothing he can’t do?  It seems like the ice is broken a bit between these two; tune in next time to see if they can patch things up!

Precipitous Descent

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Down they go!  Will they survive? Stay tuned! So things with my wife have gotten a bit better lately, thanks for all your well-wishes.  I personally wound up in the hospital, though… I’m okay, but suffice it to say that stress can really screw up your health, even kill you! Thanks all you awesome readers for staying with me through all this.  Page production continues, even if it’s slower than I’d prefer!

Taking Aim

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And there he goes! Zik is rapelling away using the EVR system, but there’s still another Clonoid! Will he escape? Tune in next time! By the way, like the image above says, “next time” will be next Tuesday.  I’ve got a lot going on this summer, and rather than potentially missing updates, I’m going to have a summer schedule of one update per week on Tuesdays.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I want to make sure I’m consistent and I’ve got a lot of renovating to do. And swimming.

The Universal Symbol Of Defiance

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Some things never change!  Who knows if those guys understand it, but I think they can guess the intent! It’s not the best way to engage in diplomacy, but then neither is initiating communications with a series of deadly plasma blasts.

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