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I think it’s time to get serious! The quest for freedom can wait, we’ve got a life to save here. Get on it, boys!

A Welcome Promise

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Zik’s never been able to resist helping damsels in distress, and there’s a whole planet worth of people here to rescue! But how will he do it with a busted ship? Stay tuned and strap in, the ride has just begun!

Alley Oop

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Zik is a man of action, and a gallant one at that! Even when dodging bullets from a hostile helicopter-thing, he’s all about the chivalry and Galactic Action Hero charisma. Since Zik is about humanity colonizing space, I thought it would be appropriate to share this project with you: Would you go to Mars knowing you’ll never come back? It’s tempting, and it’s exactly what the Zozians did in this comic.  For more information, the Mars One project’s website is here.

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