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Reworking Anatomy

Written by Vic on . Posted in Progress Blog

I got some feedback on the Delores image I posted yesterday. I seem to have a problem with shoulders lately. I’ve been working really hard on human anatomy since the start of Zik. In fact, the reason I made the Zernabian prison planet so desolate is so I could concentrate my efforts on the human form as much as possible. I’ve been tackling one part at a time. It was pointed out to me that the shoulders in my image were all wrong. The one on the right should be higher up, since the one on the left is lower. So, with that in mind, I sketched out this as a possible replacement: d-sketch So I’ll be reworking that Delores image a bit. It’s better to get it right than leave it as is, especially since Kevin wants to put it in print. The last thing I want is to bring down the quality of his book with a sub-par guest image! Of course, that means the next Zik page will have to wait, but it’ll be worth it. I learn more with every image I draw, and sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward.

Errant Apprentice Guest Art

Written by Vic on . Posted in Progress Blog

Hi! So I finished Zik page 83 about a week ago, and I decided to work on something a bit different. This is a character from Kevin Hayman’s Errant Apprentice called Delores. She’s a mage, and she kicks serious butt.
(Click the thumbnail for the full image)
Guest art is a great way to show other webcomic artists you appreciate their efforts. It also helps to cross-pollinate fans from one site to another; some fans from both sites check out the other and maybe find something new that they like. My kids love Errant Apprentice, and honestly, so do I. Kevin is a great guy and a great storyteller. He tells me this image will be included in a print book he’s working on, so awesome-sauce for me! I hope you like it!

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