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Ask Nicely

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After reassuring Vera, Zik states that his brilliant plan to rescue Amelia from the Clonoids is to ask her captors nicely to let her go! What side of the line between genius and insanity is he on? Stay tuned to find out! [level-subsc]
And there it is, the last of the six pages I started doing all at once. It has been awesome to be able to release them one week at a time, but I’m not certain this was the best way to go about it. I know that if I had a regular production schedule that I could count on, this would definitely work. But in my case, it’s probably just as fast to work one page at a time. Maybe I’ll try a shorter run this time… it was the Zoz page that really slowed me down, and I don’t have many complicated landscapes like that left in this chapter. Boy I can’t wait to show you guys the big finale! We’re almost there!
[/level-subsc] ottawa comic con 2014 map IT I will be at Ottawa Comic Con from May 9th-11th! Look for the Iron Tiger booth in Artist Alley, booth 2321A! I’ll be selling copies of my b-movie Maggot Man, copies of The Errant Apprentice, and more! I’ll also be drawing stuff for people and handing out Iron Tiger bookmarks and Zik business cards. Come and visit!