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Original Zik Page 2

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And here we have the Clonoids attacking Zik. They even bagged poor Spleedle. No, I don’t think Flib-Splibs will show up in the regular series. Maybe I’ll throw one in as a cameo to a page sometime…


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Sorry, Amelia, you cant try to talk your way out of this one! And Queen Elcyra isn’t known as a very charitable, forgiving person. Will these people ever see Amelia again? Maybe not! Stay tuned to find out! Well, in the time since the last update, a lot has happened here! I added the first page of Project: Zoz to the members area! Check out this thumbnail! 1 zoz thumb That’s right! It’s in COLOUR! Pretty cool eh? BUT WAIT! THAT’S NOT ALL! I also added a Zik Wiki! So, a Ziki. Or Wikizikia. Or something. Anyway, there’s a wiki database of cool information about the Zik universe for site members. Here’s an extra blurb for Zik members: [level-subsc]
So the next thing I’ll be working on is Project: Zoz page 2. I was thinking that maybe I should do the poster next, but I think page 2 is a better use for my efforts. I’ve really been putting a lot of thought into the panel layouts etc, and I can’t wait to dive in and tell you this tale!
[/level-subsc] So make sure you register so you can get in on all this great stuff. If you tried to register and had problems, let me know! I just upgraded the membership plugin again so the problems should be gone. I think it had something to do with the coupon code from the last update. By the way, I made sure there are a few coupon codes still available! See the previous page to find out the secret code! Okay! That’s it for now! Make sure you check out my comic pals in the Links menu… there’s awesome stuff happening in all those comics right now! See you next update!

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