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Precipitous Descent

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Down they go!  Will they survive? Stay tuned! So things with my wife have gotten a bit better lately, thanks for all your well-wishes.  I personally wound up in the hospital, though… I’m okay, but suffice it to say that stress can really screw up your health, even kill you! Thanks all you awesome readers for staying with me through all this.  Page production continues, even if it’s slower than I’d prefer!

Trent’s Explosion

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Whoa! I think Zik touched a nerve there! Thanks again for sticking with Zik during our new random update schedule.  I’m working as quickly as I can to get new pages online.  I’m going to try to keep my Twitter feed updated with where I’m at so you can get an idea of when to expect the next page. Also, sARTurday Night Live seems to be a rousing success despite some of the chat room difficulties we’ve been having.  The YouTube and G+ comments are too hard to keep track of, so we’ve come up with a new solution.  I’ve installed a more responsive chat program and embedded the SNL YouTube video at  — So now you can bookmark just the one page and be able to communicate with us more effectively with a chat program that works well.  Maybe Google will fix things on their end eventually, but for now, this is a pretty good solution.

Trent’s Problem

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Time to clear the air! And it looks like Zik has heard all this before… Well, I have to thank you for checking out this page.  Obviously I’m not updating on my regular days anymore, but Zik is NOT on hiatus!.  My wife’s MS has been a real pain in the butt (or brain) lately and more and she’s been needing more and more help and TLC.  So I’ve decided that Zik is going to update randomly from now on so I can accommodate her.  Basically, when a page is done, I’ll post it.  Keep an eye on my Twitter feed if you want to be notified of updates.  Thanks for sticking with me!

Climate Control

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Trent is getting downright rude with Zik! What a grump! Stay tuned to find out why! Hey check it out! Here’s a video of me inking this page! This weekend’s sARTurday Night Live will most likely have more than just me. It’s a surprise!

That Was Amazing

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Amelia is quite impressed with her short trip.  Hey, if you liked that, just wait until you experience faster-than-light travel!  

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