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Head Bump

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Looks like things are smoothing out for these guys.  Let’s hope they make it back in one piece! In the meantime, let’s check out what’s going on back at the camp, shall we? So I’ve been on vacation for the last little bit, which is why I’ve been able to crank out some pages.  Production will slow down again once I get back to work, but fear not! The pages will continue to roll out!  This story is ramping up to a very intense climax and I’m really excited to tell the tale! If you want to stay tuned to my progress, follow my Twitter feed, my G+ page, or like Zik on Facebook.  There’s also the RSS feed. I’m also considering adding a newsletter that will keep fans in the know when a new page is online.  Would that interest you? Do people still email these days?


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So off they go into the desert! Let’s hope they make it back! This past Saturday was the first sARTurday Night Live! Here’s the YouTube of it: We’ll be online again this coming Saturday at 9pm EST, so come out and join us! We’ll see what you say if you type them in the chat room during the live broadcast, so feel free to ask us questions or send us comments.  Stay tuned to YouTube for the show! Or follow my Twitter or Facebook or Google+ for the link.  See you then!


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I hope you had a great holiday vacation! Back on the prison planet, Zik seems to have found solution to his heat-sink problem, so let’s hope these copper pipes will do the trick! This is the first page I drew 100% digitally.  I’m still getting used to the new work-flow so please bear with me as I get my techniques down! The art will continue to improve from here on out as I get used to working with a tablet instead of pencils and pens.