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Amelia Rocks

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Whoa is right, Zik, that lady has some stones! Looks like the locals are friendly after all. We’re back to our usual schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays, so make sure you stop by in a couple of days to find out who this fine female is! Also: I won a contest! …by default because no one else entered.  I have been assured that this still counts, however.  The boys over at Hatefarm had a contest to re-draw the last panel of their latest comic.  Here was my entry:

They liked it so much, they said it didn’t matter that no one else entered, it would have been nigh impossible to beat this.  So I won a CD of their previous comic, which I’m looking forward to reading for laffs, and a custom drawing of Zik! Here it is:

Pretty rad, eh? I’ll also post these in the Extras on this site so you can go look at them and drool over their awesomeness whenever you want.

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