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Plotting A Course

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James Anchor is the man with a plan! And while that might look weird to you, Jupiter actually does that in our own solar system! Check it out! 9cE-eQ2RKJ-PfXTY1aYw-CMZNVOQUOa0KvsYhkGsSy__=s500-no Click here for a description! Nature is SO COOL! [level-subsc]
Hi guys! Let me thank you again for signing up as subscribers… you rock! I’m going to try something new I read about for the next few pages. Basically, I’m trying to speed up my process. Since I have such a limited amount of time to work on Zik, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for tips on cranking out pages quicker. One thing I found in an article on the subject was the idea of working in phases. This author did each phase for all the pages in his book at once. So first the script, then the thumbnails, then the layouts, then the word balloons, then pencils, etc, but for all the pages at once. This makes sense to me; it lets you get into the zone and use the custom tools you’ve developed for each phase and rocket through all the pages at once. At my work, we often do packaging for DVDs and Blu Rays. We’ve found that if each person does just one part of the task for all the discs it goes quicker than if we each take part of the stack and package it from start to finish. So I’m going to try it. I’m going to do maybe 5 pages all at once and see if it goes quicker. You can follow along in the Progress Blog to see where I’m at. Wish me luck!
[/level-subsc] Oh hey! Check out this awesome fan art that Kevin Hayman from The Errant Apprentice sent us! You can find it among all the other amazing guest images in the gallery! See you next page, Zikaholics!

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