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Zik Page 85 Pencils

Written by Vic on . Posted in Progress Blog

Well I’ve worked on the pencils for this page some more and I thought I’d show you where I was at, since I’ve got to go take care of some stuff. 85 captive2 For some reason I’m doing things a bit different this time.. I’m refining each character two steps before moving on to the next one. I guess I’ll use it as an experiment to see if it works better for me. Normally I do a rough pass, a slightly more refined pass where I nail down the forms, then a pass to work out details. I’m finding that the secret to drawing is to spend as much time as possible refining the pencils phase before starting to ink. So I’m going to try and refine my process more and more in this sketching phase. Other artists can go from quick roughs to inks in maybe two passes, but I still need more, especially with this style of drawing. Well, I hope your Saturday goes well! I’ll post more pencils if I get a chance to work on it again! EDIT: It’s Monday! Here’s where I’m at right now… 85 captive3 I did some thumbnailing, too. I’ll post those later… I gotta split for now. 🙂

Project Zoz Page 1 Updated Pencils

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So as it happens so often, I needed to fine-tune the pencils on this page. Specifically, the pinky and thumb of the hand holding the sign, and the wrist and forearm of that same arm needed adjusting. 1 zoz I’m ready to ink now! I’ll post that when it’s done. I’ve got to make a quick decision, though… full colour or black and white? Colour takes longer and is more expensive to print, but it’s more attractive. Maybe I’ll use this page as a test. What do you guys think? There are a few of you here now, so don’t be afraid to put in your two cents!