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The Original Elcyra and Clonoids

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Well, Queen Elcyra hasn’t changed all that much… chest-wise, anyway. She’s still got that neck crest and… cleavage. But as you can see the Clonoids were completely different. They were based on the Umgah from Star Control 2, except instead of being intelligent pranksters, they were mindless drones. Star Control 2 continues to be a huge influence on me and this comic, by the way, and I’m just ecstatic that there is a chance we might see a new Star Control game in the not-too-distant future! Oh! And that’s an early design for Zik’s ship in the lower left. It hasn’t changed much either!

The Original Zik

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This is the original Zik comic! This particular image might be the first ever drawing of our hero. It’s certainly the first full-page portrait. All of this was drawn in 1995 or 1996. Enjoy!