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Eat Railgun

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So here we see the second use of railgun technology in the comic.  In case you don’t know what a railgun is, it is a weapon that accelerates a projectile using electromagnetism as opposed to combustion. The projectile is guided down two rails and accelerated to extremely high speeds as it leaves the weapon.  I chose this technology because it is still in the experimental phase currently, and because it can be used to fire projectiles in the vaccum of space (IE without oxygen).  The people of Zoz use this technology extensively for their sidearms and on weapons platforms for their ships.  It can also be used to send probes or cargo over long distances without the use of propellant.

Pulling The Trigger

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Don’t try to back someone from Zoz into a corner!  Especially not Zik! It’s hard to read in the web version, but the words on the targeting computer read “Railguns Armed.” In the print version it should be easier to read.  Yes, I plan on publishing Zik’s adventures in a book eventually. I also plan on offering prints of any page for sale. Would that interest you? Let me know and I’ll hook you up!