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Prison Planet

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And here is the title page for the first episode of Zik!  Thanks for coming along for the ride so far! Stay tuned because things are about to heat up for our intrepid hero! And yes, this page is an homage to Calvin and Hobbes.  Spaceman Spiff is definitely a major influence on this comic. Some news! This past weekend was a lot of fun for me, as it was the inaugural Ottawa Comic Con.  It being the mother’s day weekend, I decided not to get a table and go as a fan instead on Saturday. I got to meet Ran Brown from The End, and it was neat to learn that not only is there another locally produced sci-fi webcomic, but it’s a really great one and done by a super awesome lady! Check it out here! I also got a commission of Zik by none other than Lar DeSouza of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group.  Lar’s uStreams were very helpful as I was getting back into drawing, so I was really happy to get his interpretation of Zik.

Zik by Lar DeSouza

There’s a larger version on the Guest Art page (in the menu under Extras). Here’s a shot of Lar drawing Zik:

Lar drawing Zik

Lar’s beard is multicoloured because of a fundraiser he and his wife did for MS research.  A close family member of mine has MS, so I’m doubly grateful to Mr. DeSouza!

Another thing I learned at the comic con: my son is a crack shot with a Nerf gun when aiming at Storm Troopers. Look out, Empire thugs!