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Gas Giant

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What?! Another Zik page the next day?! Why yes! But this one was easier to do, as you can see. We’re back on the Kodiak! Let’s see what James Anchor and his crew come up with for a rescue plan! [level-subsc]
Sorry there wasn’t a process post in the blog… I literally threw this together in a couple of hours! Once you know the PhotoShop tricks, this kind of page is easy to do. I spent the most time shading the Kodiak and coming up with realistic looking aurorae. Next up should be Project: Zoz page 2, although I might start sketching the next Zik page at the same time… this story is starting to build towards the climax, so I’m more excited than usual to get these pages done!
[/level-subsc] So what is that glowy spiral over the pole of the planet? Those are aurora! Our gas giants have them as well as our own planet, so I thought I’d add them here. They can be enormous on Jupiter and Saturn, and they’re just as beautiful there as they are here on Earth. Well, stay tuned! Let’s see what James Anchor and his crew come up with. The page won’t come out tomorrow, but it’ll get posted as soon as I’m done with it!

Windy Night

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It gets pretty windy on this planet during sand storms!  No wonder everyone wears robes and ties everything down when they hit.  But Zik is stranded! Can he find a way back home?

Sand Storm Coming

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So robes are a good thing to wear in hot places where sand storms sometimes occur.  Zik’s going to have to get one, but does Amelia have something else on her mind?