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Zik Poster Concept

Written by Vic on . Posted in Progress Blog

While on the phone with a client at work today I came up with a concept for a Zik poster I thought I’d share. It’s obviously influenced by the Rocketeer film poster, but that’s okay, it’s a great looking poster to emulate! I might work on this some more and flesh it out better between comic pages. zik poster thumb Last night I was also working on the plot outlines for future Zik stories and how they all integrate into the overall story arc. It’s coming together pretty darn well! I *might* also replace one comic with a series of simple video games… but first I have to learn how to do that.

Zik Page 85 Thumb

Written by Vic on . Posted in Progress Blog

So I hope you like the first Project Zoz page! Colour rocks, amIrite? Here’s a snapshot of the thumbnail for Zik page 85. zik85-thumb It’s hard to see, but this is a 4 panel page with a lot of people in it, so it’ll take me a bit longer to do. I’m about to start in on the pencils for it. EDIT: Here’s the first rough pass of pencils. 85 captive1 The blue person is a clonoid soldier, the green one is a clonoid drone, the red one is Amelia, and the two grey figures are bystanders. I may stick in more bystanders, we’ll see.