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This comic series follows the sci-fi adventures of Zik as he explores the galaxy, defending freedom.

Zik’s fantastic story is set a thousand years in the future, as the people of Zoz reconnect with a shattered human race.

You can check out the latest page, or start reading at the first page in the series! Buckle up for amazing science fiction adventure with everyone’s favorite space hero, Defender Zik!

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  • Brawl In The Mess Hall
    Brawl In The Mess Hall

    The gallant Defender Zik and the malodorous Morren Mallor are duking it out in the mess hall of the Kodiak! As a dazed Amelia watches from the doorway, your favorite space hero fends off Morren’s knife attacks and swings back with the club he found! Who will prevail?!

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