Cast of Characters


Zik is an intrepid space explorer, seeking new adventures in the unknown! He's also CEO of Zik Enterprises, which provides infrastructure products and services to the Zozian civilization.

Comics: 244
Recent Appearance: Cargo Hold Consternation
First Appearance: Space


Amelia the Firebird is a great pilot, a fierce friend, and isn't afraid to duke it out if provoked! In Episode 6, she learned she's the half-sister of fellow Zernabian refugee Trent!

Comics: 107
Recent Appearance: Cargo Hold Consternation
First Appearance: Amelia Rocks


Trent Quickdraw is the strong, silent type. He's a crack shot with any firearm! In Episode 6, he learned he's the half-brother of fellow Zernabian refugee Amelia!

Comics: 106
Recent Appearance: Lucky To Escape
First Appearance: Amelia Rocks

Tanaka Chi Kodiak

Tanaka is a brave Chadee warrior and fighter pilot who was Shogun of the Kodiak Chadee Clan. He now considers himself Ronin after the Kodiak Clan was slaughtered by Jairian terrorists.

Comics: 47
Recent Appearance: Lucky To Escape
First Appearance: The Chadee

James Anchor

James, CEO of Kodiak Security, is one of Zik's oldest friends. He once captained a formidable warship, the Kodiak, but it was destroyed in a Jairian raid. He is now constructing an entire fleet of warships to defend Zoz.

Comics: 30
Recent Appearance: Beach Party
First Appearance: James Anchor


Zoot is a Colony Computer - a semi-sentient life form that vastly outperforms traditional computers.

Comics: 25
Recent Appearance: Hasty Heroics
First Appearance: A New Race


Mizhakwan is a medicine woman and seer who's decided to accompany Zik on his travels. She likes to be where big things happen, to ensure that at least one person with wisdom is present. She's a councilor, healer, chef, and spirit guide all in one bundle of fun.

Comics: 25
Recent Appearance: Lucky To Escape
First Appearance: Where There's Smoke


Chief Engineer on Zik's ship the Temerity, Dak can build everything from spaceships to MacGyverisms. She met Zik on a mountain climbing course, which they continue to do together.

Comics: 24
Recent Appearance: Lucky To Escape
First Appearance: Bastion and the Temerity


Morren Mallor is a Jairian thug with a particular grudge against Zik. He's quick to pull the trigger, and eager to enforce the Jairian way of life!

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: Dual Avalanches
First Appearance: Unreasonable Demand


Assistant Engineer on Zik's ship. Built like a tank, a solid friend and lover of puns and pumping iron.

Comics: 21
Recent Appearance: Lucky To Escape
First Appearance: Bastion and the Temerity


Mikigaazo, or Miki for short, is a crystalline alien being, the first fully sentient alien life ever discovered by humanity! The crystal can divide itself and recombine, and its awareness and memory splits and merges in the process. After being rescued from an attempted xenocide, it now resides primarily on a moon in the Zozian system, and has numerous Miki-bot platforms it can walk around in.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: Cargo Hold Consternation
First Appearance: First Light


Vera is Amelia's wise, adoptive aunt, and fellow Zernabian refugee. She's recovering from lung cancer aboard Bastion station.

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: Fateful Call
First Appearance: Vera

Francisco Alvarez

Francisco is the navigator and science officer on the bridge of Zik's ship. He's also an accomplished guitarist in classic Earth styles.

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: A Strange Scene
First Appearance: Destination Determined


Ryan is a teenager who got caught up with the Jairians while trying to impress a girl. He renounced them and is now on the crew of Ramesh's cargo vessel.

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: A New Crewmate
First Appearance: Unreasonable Demand

Queen Elcyra

Queen Elcyra forcefully took over the planet-state Zernabia using an army of Clonoids. She then sterilized the remaining Zernabians and imprisoned them on a desolate planet, where she keeps them working as slaves in her factories.

Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Torpedoes Incoming!
First Appearance: Debris Field


Ramesh is a friend of Zik's from back when they were both asteroid miners for Delta Mining Systems. He now works for Zik Enterprises as a merchant marine fleet commander.

Comics: 10
Recent Appearance: Beach Party
First Appearance: Distress Call

Haven LeClaire

Haven is the marine biologist who discovered how to communicate with whales and dolphins! She's Zik's ex-girlfriend, but they're still friendly and keep in contact.

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Gallant Defender
First Appearance: Haven's Lab


Todd is Zik's brother, and the head of the R&D division of Zik Enterprises. Possessing a genius-level intellect, Todd oversees research into many fields on Bastion space station, and is responsible for the creation of the semi-sentient colony computers.

Comics: 7
Recent Appearance: Beach Party
First Appearance: Following The Dolphins

Dr. Neil Wagner

Dr. Neil Wagner is the mad scientist responsible for creating the Chadee, among other things! Click the first page he appears in for more info!

Comics: 6
Recent Appearance: Embrace Eternity
First Appearance: Dr. Wagner


A Jairian fleet coordinator, Rachelle is a strong commander with a mysterious secret.

Comics: 4
Recent Appearance: Cease Fire
First Appearance: Ready Or Not


Zik's father, Mitch is a pineapple farmer on Talia Island on Zoz. He is mourning the loss of his wife, Zorah, who disappeared in a mysterious avalanche while mountain climbing.

Comics: 2
Recent Appearance: Beach Party
First Appearance: Following The Dolphins


Johan is a brutal Jairian terrorist who helped blow up Tanaka's entire clan in revenge!

Comics: 1
Only Appearance: Johan's First Mistake