Assessing The Damage

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Zik checks out the extent of the damage to his ship. It’s not too bad, but it certainly is going to make achieving orbit difficult! Meanwhile, James Anchor sends word that he’s on his way! I hope he wasn’t busy, and I hope he has a lot more firepower!

Sending Out An Sos

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Well, looks like Zik is stuck on an alien world. Good thing he’s got friends who can bail him out! Even in the future, your connections are your most valuable asset. Having a pair of rail pistols at your side doesn’t hurt, either.

Smart Alec

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Nothing like a snarky computer! Will Zik land okay? What are the natives of this planet like? Will we be able to fry eggs on the hull of Zik’s ship? Stay tuned!

Prison Planet

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And here is the title page for the first episode of Zik! Thanks for coming along for the ride so far! Stay tuned because things are about to heat up for our intrepid hero!

And yes, this page is an homage to Calvin and Hobbes. Spaceman Spiff is definitely a major influence on this comic.

Diplomatic Failure

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This does not bode well for relations between Zoz and Zernabia. The second ship hits the first, as Zik looks on in regret at a situation that spiraled out of control very quickly!


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Those foolish Zernab Clonoids apparently assumed that Zik’s ship was an unarmed scout vessel! Unfortunately for them, Zozians enjoy arming themselves to the teeth, and not always in obvious ways.

Open Fire

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You’ll never take me alive, coppa!

I just want to say thanks to you guys! I was looking at my stats the other day and it looks like after the first month, I’ve already got 30% more people reading than at the height of my last webcomic. So thanks very much for tuning in, guys and gals, I hope you’re enjoying the story so far!

Pulling The Trigger

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Don’t try to back someone from Zoz into a corner! Especially not Zik!

It’s hard to read in the web version, but the words on the targeting computer read “Railguns Armed.” In the print version it should be easier to read. Yes, I plan on publishing Zik’s adventures in a book eventually. I also plan on offering prints of any page for sale. Would that interest you? Let me know and I’ll hook you up!

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