Open Fire

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You’ll never take me alive, coppa!

I just want to say thanks to you guys! I was looking at my stats the other day and it looks like after the first month, I’ve already got 30% more people reading than at the height of my last webcomic. So thanks very much for tuning in, guys and gals, I hope you’re enjoying the story so far!

Pulling The Trigger

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Don’t try to back someone from Zoz into a corner! Especially not Zik!

It’s hard to read in the web version, but the words on the targeting computer read “Railguns Armed.” In the print version it should be easier to read. Yes, I plan on publishing Zik’s adventures in a book eventually. I also plan on offering prints of any page for sale. Would that interest you? Let me know and I’ll hook you up!

The Universal Symbol Of Defiance

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Some things never change! Who knows if those guys understand it, but I think they can guess the intent! It’s not the best way to engage in diplomacy, but then neither is initiating communications with a series of deadly plasma blasts.

Human After All

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Well, not only are these new beings human, they’re pretty selfish about claiming open space as their own. Unless that’s their planet Zik was heading to? They’re a bit short on explanations and long on plasma bolt attacks!

I’d like to extend a special thank you to two of the nicest people in webcomics, Raven Perez and Adam Black, for plugging Zik on their websites over the past weekend. I’ve received a huge influx of readers because of those two guys, and I’m very grateful. I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far!

See you Thursday when we’ll see just how Zik is going to handle these space cops!

A New Race

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Imagine being the first person to encounter an alien race! What would your first thought be? Well, Zik’s first thought is to settle a bet between him and his best buddy James Anchor.

The character “James Anchor” was invented by my son, and the name of Zik’s computer, “Zoot” was my daughter’s invention. I’m not trying to steal Ethan Nicolle’s gig with Axe Cop, but occasionally my two children have had an influence on some of the names and events in this story. Children are wonderfully imaginative, and once in a while they come up with some genius ideas. I’ve gotten their permission to use some of their ideas in the comic, for which I am grateful.


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Interstellar travel takes a little while, even in the distant future. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of music to listen to, from Old Earth and Zoz alike! Zik apparently likes Deep Purple (among other bands).

Humour will be a part of this comic, but not on every page. Originally, I’d planned it as gag-a-day, but the more involved my scripts and ideas became, the more impractical that seemed. I really like humour, though, so there will be jokes sprinkled into the story.


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Welcome to space!

It’s a cold, unforgiving, infinitely hostile environment. Our hero Zik, however, feels right at home there, plying the endless dark in search of new adventure. What will he find this time? Stay tuned!

Yes, I had to overhaul the website.. there were some much needed upgrades to do and it is far easier to start from scratch than to try to work with what was there. My goal is to improve your experience!

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