No Children

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The prisoners take Zik into their camp, where he quickly notices something strange: there are no children! Amelia tells him that they’ve all been sterilized by their captors! So now we see that Queen Elcyra is indeed a nasty character! Not only does she attack intruders, but she’s responsible for genocide!

A New Face

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The travelers arrive at the camp and are greeted with shock and disbelief. These people haven’t seen anyone new since Amelia was born! Find out why next time!

The Valley

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There is the squalor in which the prisoners are kept. At least today the smoke is drifting away from the camp and not onto it. And look at all those rows of graves. Life is tough if you’re a Zernabian slave!


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Amelia slips on a loose stone, and Zik is right there to gallantly save her from falling! These two seem to be hitting it off! But wait.. Uh oh! Looks like someone didn’t appreciate Zik’s display of chivalry as much as Amelia did! Could this mean trouble for our intrepid hero? Stay tuned, readers!

First Flight

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Here we are a thousand years in the future and these two have never flown before. Pretty amazing, but they’ve been living on this prison planet since they were born!

Ladies First

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Looks like Amelia lives up to her namesake when it comes to loving flight! Trent, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Zik reminds us what gallantry looks like! Smooth!

Japa What

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Trent and Amelia have no idea what Japan was. It stands to reason, as they were born on this prison planet, and very little history has survived to their generation.

Elements of Zik’s costume design were indeed inspired by samurai armour. Not for any particular reason other than it looks cool… and because Zik dislikes getting kicked in the nards.

Nice Dress

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So here we get the first glimpse of Amelia’s sense of humour. Not the best first impression there, eh Zik?

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