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The party approaches the factory, which has a couple of stern-looking Colonoid soldiers guarding the entrance. Word is, there’s a new Clonoid being fitted for a uniform today. Zik is confronted and decides to shed his disguise and open a dialogue. What will happen next?

Getting Ready

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It’s time for action! Trent is concerned about how dangerous the plan is, so Zik hands him one of his rail guns! A couple of the other prisoners seem to have something up their sleeve, though. Is this what Vera was warning about?

Ask Nicely

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Zik vows to help Amelia, but his plan is probably the least likely one that anyone has thought of! He wants to ask nicely?! How strange!

What most people here on the prison planet don’t realize is that on Zoz, there is a principle that people follow: the non-aggression principle. It’s basically unheard of to go out looking for a fight, since it’s so much easier and less harmful to negotiate a solution. They even have a saying: “He who draws the first sword admits he has lost the argument.”

Unfortunately, Zik, having been raised in that environment, simply takes it for granted that people would understand the need to dialogue before engaging in hostilities. Here on the prison planet, things are a little more stark, and as we’ve already seen, aggression is a way of life.

Breaking The News

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Zik and Trent made it back with the water! But now they get the news of Amelia’s capture. No one has told Vera yet, since she’s been resting since it happened. Zik takes on the responsibility, since it’s his fault that she got into the trouble she’s in.

Testing The Water

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So the spring isn’t so special after all! It’s basically mineral water. But Zik is always on the look out for a new opportunity. Perhaps this spring can be tapped and the water sold back home on Zoz! People always like to buy exotic things with mysterious health benefits. The problem is, this isn’t Zik’s planet. No one on Zoz can really conceive of the fact that a whole planet could possibly belong to one individual, but that’s exactly the case here. Queen Elcyra owns this place!

The Spring

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Meanwhile, Zik and Trent have arrived at the spring! It’s strange to see water way out in the desert like this. The two of them seem to be getting along much better now, after that bit of drama they had!

Head Bump

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The two erstwhile combatants gingerly let themselves the rest of the way down the cliff and continue their journey. Zik swears not to get in Trent’s way, although he didn’t swear not to dissuade Amelia if she’s interested! They’re friends, it seems… for now!

Hang Time

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Whew! That was quick thinking by Zik! Good thing he’s got that emergency grappling hook! It certainly comes in handy! And nothing breaks the tension like a near-death experience. If you can’t laugh at that, you can’t laugh at anything!

Over The Cliff

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Trent is a little too hot under the collar to listen to reason. Something tells me he has a little bit too much pent-up frustration! Who can blame him though; he’s a slave, too shy to court the girl of his dreams, and is getting upstaged by a suave hero with a spaceship! Well, it’s a moot point now, because they’re going over the cliff to certain death!

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