Trent’s Explosion

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Zik wasn’t too sensitive with his words there! Could it be that he wouldn’t mind stealing Amelia’s attentions? Either way, Trent’s jealousy gets the better of him and he socks Zik in the jaw! That’s no way to treat a guy who can break you out of jail!


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At last, the coast is clear. It’s time to grab some pipes and start hiking. As they go, Trent explains that the ship was likely making a delivery. It sure was, and you missed it, guys!

Hiding From Clonoids

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Zik and Trent hide themselves in the junk heap and hunker down until the coast is clear. But look at the size of that naked Clonoid! Whoa! Guys, turn around, you’re going to want to see that! Guys? GUYS! Oh damn…

Get Down

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Trent is certainly not amused. But what’s that in the sky? Why is he so frightened all of a sudden? Tune in next week and find out!

Nicer Dress

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Amelia is pretty quick on the draw with the snark! Good thing Zik lets it slide. But poor Trent is getting completely ignored! That’s not going to do good things for his relationship with Zik.


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Back on the prison planet, Zik seems to have found solution to his heat-sink problem, so let’s hope these copper pipes will do the trick!

This is the first page I drew 100% digitally. I’m still getting used to the new work-flow so please bear with me as I get my techniques down! The art will continue to improve from here on out as I get used to working with a tablet instead of pencils and pens.

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