Breaking The News

Breaking The News

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Zik and Trent are back from their long hike, spring water in hand. But there’s bad news on their return! Another prisoner reports that Amelia has been arrested by the Clonoids and taken prisoner. Nobody has told Vera yet, so Zik will take on the responsibility, as he feels that Amelia’s arrest wouldn’t have happened if not for his fight with the soldiers. I’m so sorry for my extended absence! Believe it or not, I’ve been working furiously on the next bunch of pages. There have been a lot of things happening in my personal life, some bad but mostly good! Suffice it to say I’ve had very little drawing time available to me. Thank you so much for continuing to tune in. It is still my goal to get back on track with weekly updates. I’ve got so many Zik stories to tell you! An extra special thanks to the site members, too. You guys rock. [level-subsc]
So I’m partway done the next 5 pages after this. I’m hoping to be able to release them a bit quicker. The only one that might give me a headache is the Zoz page; I put a lot of detail into it and it’ll need some extra time to finish up. But I’m still spending every spare moment I have on Zik, so rest assured it’ll happen! As Al Gore says in South Park: Excelsior!
[/level-subsc] See you all next update!!

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  • RavenPerez

    Drop dead work Vic! You get better with every page! Love that camp!

    • Thanks man! I’m working hard at it!

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