I'd say the Clonoids probably aren't taught classic 1000 year-old fantasy novels, so this probably went right over his head.

Confronting The Demon

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Amazingly, Zik gets back up! It takes more than an exploding oxygen tank to keep our hero down. A relieved Amelia, noticing that Trent is also still alive, tosses the power cable into the now-open water tank. Meanwhile Zik taunts the Clonoid with a line from Lord Of The Rings! No, Clonoid, YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Slamming the pole onto the catwalk as hard as he can, Zik hears a satisfying CRACK! as the catwalk gives way…

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you have a fun time tonight, whatever your plans are. Stay safe if you’re out trick or treating! Oh, and don’t dress up (or down) as a giant, naked Clonoid Supersoldier; you’ll probably get arrested.

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  • The Crow


    OMG hilarious XD


    • Victor


      Thanks, I’ve been waiting to draw this page for a very long time haha


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