Hiding From Clonoids

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Guys, turn around, you’re going to want to see that! Guys? GUYS! Oh damn… NEWS! Some artist pals and I are starting a weekly Google+ hangout that we’re calling sARTurday Night Live!  It’s on “broadcast” mode so anyone can tune in while we’re on-air.  We’re going to have a live chat room so that fans can participate and ask us questions or ask us to draw stuff or whatever! It’s a party every Saturday night starting at 9pm (EST)!  Tune into the Zik Facebook page, or my Twitter feed, or Zik on G+ to know when and at what URL we’re going live!   This week: Adam Black of Locus and Silk & Honey will join me!  Also, Barry Linck and Richard Wallace are solid maybes!

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  • Anthony Holtberg

    Large, naked, hairless men. Truly, there is no greater and more unsettling a foe.

    Look at the last panel. Do you see their eyes? That is terror.

    • Hahaha! Indeed! And yet they totally missed it because they’re looking the wrong way.  Well, that thing is coming to a clothing factory, so it looks like it needs a tailor.  Too bad Zik missed this crucial tidbit of information…

  • Adam Black

    Quick! Act nonchalant.