That is exceptionally rotten timing, Mr. Clonoid!


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Zik has an apology to make to Amelia; he never intended for this riot to happen! All he wanted to do was negotiate for her release from prison, not cause a riot that ended in the factory explosion and the mass murder of a couple hundred people! Zik and Amelia look deeply into each others eyes… when suddenly a rock smashes into Zik’s head! The Clonoid Super Soldier has chucked a chunk of rubble at Zik, crushing his helmet! Zik tells Amelia to get herself and Trent to safety, and readies himself to finish this battle once and for all!

You may have noticed a couple of changes to the website! Firstly, there is a new landing page at that will serve as a platform to the different sections of the site. This is in anticipation of a few other new things that I have planned for the future.

The other new thing is that you can now support me using cryptocurrency! This is something I’ve wanted to set up for quite a while, and I’ve finally begun the process. At the moment, only Bitcoin Cash and Monero are accepted, but other cryptocurrencies will be coming as I set myself up with them. Zik is a futuristic comic, so let’s use futuristic money!

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  • Adam


    I’m not worried. His chin guard is still intact!


    • Victor


      True! Gotta protect that magnificent clefty mandible of his!


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