Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

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Vera has a pretty serious disease, but it’s not surprising considering she’s lived and worked in that filthy factory her whole life.  Lung cancer is dangerous, though, so she’ll need to get to a hospital! The problem is, there are no hospitals on this prison planet. That nasty Queen Elcyra doesn’t really care that much about her prisoners. Is Vera doomed?

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  • ZEEN ZEEN ZEEN “Excuse me, ma’am, but how did you find cigarettes on this planet? Zoot wanted to know.”

    I gotta say: if a guy named Zik went all “ZEEN ZEEN ZEEN” and told me a computer named Zoot told him I had lung cancer, I would consider getting a second opinion. Preferably from a guy whose last name starts with a letter earlier in the alphabet.

    • The problem with second opinions is that they have Zeens at the space-hospital too! And the problem with space hospitals is that they’re in space — and everyone here is currently trapped on the planet! So these Zeens will have to do for now 😉

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