Quite An Entrance

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Zik and Trent are feeling confident that this riot will end in a quick victory for the prisoners, so they continue to try to find Amelia. Meanwhile, some of the other prisoners try to enter a locked restricted area to hunt for more clonoids to fight. It looks like they got more than they bargained for, though! Something beats down the door from the other side! Look at the size of that fist!

Hey guys! Check out what I did between pages! I did this nifty digital painting for my Iron Tiger buddy Jordan of Hominids! It features some nasty dudes from the flesh eater tribe eating an unfortunate neanderthal. It’s a bit bloody and gory, so don’t click if that bothers you!


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  • Spoiler: “Kong Karangg” is actually the name of the guy punching down the door.

    Or it’s my new Rave Name. I’m still trying to decide.

    • Well, since we’re posting spoilers, that dude is going to take over the UK and will be known as King Kong Kerrang of Kent.