Sending Out An Sos

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Well, looks like Zik is stuck on an alien world.  Good thing he’s got friends who can bail him out! Even in the future, your connections are your most valuable asset. Having a pair of rail pistols at your side doesn’t hurt, either. So who else used to play Space Quest? We were pretty limited financially when I was a kid, but I did get to play one of the Space Quest games, and I loved it.  Well, if you didn’t already know, the Two Guys From Andromeda that made that game back in the day have a Kickstarter to fund a new space adventure! Zik, a fellow space hero, stands in solidarity! Go visit their Kickstarter page here!  

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  • Adam Black

    I wanna say that game was on the Amiga way back when. Sounds familiar.

    In other news: nice shading! I dig it.

    •  It may have been, though I played it on the PC. 5.25 in floppy install discs and everything.

      And thanks! That means a lot, from you!