Taking Aim

Taking Aim

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And there he goes! Zik is rapelling away using the EVR system, but there’s still another Clonoid! Will he escape? Tune in next time! By the way, like the image above says, “next time” will be next Tuesday.  I’ve got a lot going on this summer, and rather than potentially missing updates, I’m going to have a summer schedule of one update per week on Tuesdays.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I want to make sure I’m consistent and I’ve got a lot of renovating to do. And swimming.

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  • Is that Ghost Rider> No. Oh, um…
    Good stuff!!

    • Thanks!  He’s Ghost Clonoid now! No motorcycle for him, though. Maybe he can ride a giant chicken.

      • Adam Black


  • Fighella of Fongor.

    Are you swimming? It looks like maybe you are?

    •  I am the splash on the left 🙂

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