The Universal Symbol Of Defiance

The Universal Symbol Of Defiance

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Some things never change!  Who knows if those guys understand it, but I think they can guess the intent! It’s not the best way to engage in diplomacy, but then neither is initiating communications with a series of deadly plasma blasts.

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  • universal symbol of defiance… for those that have middle fingers. :`)

    Are you using Manga Studio for this? It has that look and feel.

    • Manga Studio? No… I’ve yet to master the tablet.  I still can’t get my brain to look at a screen instead of my hand/tip of pen while drawing.  A Cintiq would solve that issue, but they’re too expensive for my budget.

      I’m drawing/inking by hand and I do the greyscale in Photoshop.

      • Ah, very nice. Using a tablet does take some getting used to. (I used them for a couple decades). And then once you do get a Cintiq you can lose that skill again pretty rapidly.

        •  I would be happy to lose that skill with a Cintiq!

  • Adam Black

    I would’ve done the same thing!

    •  It certainly is an efficient way to communicate!

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