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Zik has used the prisoner cloak for the last time to get close enough to the guards to talk to them! Now that the need for disguises is over, he can gallantly (of course) cast it aside and ask for a negotiation! What will be the response? Stay tuned for page 100! Things are about to heat up!

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  • “You! Remove your hood! That’s too much chin for one of the Queen’s slaves!”

    Oh, Zik, your gallant and swashbucklin’ ways…are they gonna help you out of this one? Or just dig you in deeper?

    • Hahaha! That is an illegal amount of rugged facial cleft, sir, I’ll have to ask you to come with me downtown. 🙂 And Zik’s gallantry is pissing off the prisoners, so things might not go as planned…

  • Kevin Hayman


    • Funny you should say that….

  • jhavinar

    Zik r0xx0rs!

    • Woo! So does Hal’Imet!

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