Ladies First

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Looks like Amelia lives up to her namesake when it comes to loving flight! Trent, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Zik reminds us what gallantry looks like! Smooth!

Japa What

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Trent and Amelia have no idea what Japan was. It stands to reason, as they were born on this prison planet, and very little history has survived to their generation.

Elements of Zik’s costume design were indeed inspired by samurai armour. Not for any particular reason other than it looks cool… and because Zik dislikes getting kicked in the nards.

Nice Dress

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So here we get the first glimpse of Amelia’s sense of humour. Not the best first impression there, eh Zik?

Hey, have you told your friends about Zik yet? If you know someone who likes science fiction, please pass the link on! I’d really appreciate it. Also, there’s a Facebook fan page for Zik, which is a convenient way to share on that platform. I post space exploration news stories there occasionally, too. I’ve got a lot of neat Zik-related things up my sleeve that I’d love to share with the world, but I need your help to get the word out. Thanks for reading!

Head Meet Rock

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Zik and the Clonoid grapple and strive against each other, but the Clonoid is stronger! Just as Zik is about to lose his grip, someone hits the Clonoid from behind with a ruck! That was a close one! Who bailed out our hero? Whoever it is has some serious stones! Find out next time!

Kick And Grab

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Things are heating up in this battle of strength and will! Zik gets a boot to the head, and then catches a mighty punch! How will Zik fare?

As If He Caught It

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Okay, so apparently the Zernab Clonoid soldiers don’t feel pain. I guess we’ll have to keep that in mind for next time, eh Zik? If you survive, that is…


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The Clonoid soldier vows death, so Zik attacks with his grappling hook! That thing is pointy! Looks like the Clonoid’s going to need to go shopping for earrings.


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It looks like our hero has a bit of fight left in him! Zik knocks the lightning gun out of the Clonoid soldier’s hand and gives him a righteous uppercut of doom! Time to visit a dentist, Clonoid!

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