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Taking Aim

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And there he goes! Zik is rapelling away using the EVR system, but there’s still another Clonoid! Will he escape? Tune in next time!

Escape Attempt

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So now we see how the EVR system works! EVR stands for Extra-Vehicular Rescue. Basically, if you’re ejected into space, you can use the boots to give you a propulsion boost and the grappling hook to attach yourself to a ship of some kind. It’s a hail Mary sort of system, but it’s better than drifting in space till you freeze to death! And yes, I know, Zik doesn’t have a face mask on — he doesn’t always wear it. When we get into some real space combat scenes you’ll see the face mask part of Zik’s costume. It’s a bit like what fighter pilots wear today.

An Opportunity

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A split second can change everything, if you’re quick enough to take advantage of it. So what’s an EVR? Tune in Thursday to find out!

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