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Taking Aim

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And there he goes! Zik is rapelling away using the EVR system, but there’s still another Clonoid! Will he escape? Tune in next time! By the way, like the image above says, “next time” will be next Tuesday.  I’ve got a lot going on this summer, and rather than potentially missing updates, I’m going to have a summer schedule of one update per week on Tuesdays.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I want to make sure I’m consistent and I’ve got a lot of renovating to do. And swimming.

Smart Alec

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Nothing like a snarky computer! Will Zik land okay? What are the natives of this planet like? Will we be able to fry eggs on the hull of Zik’s ship? Stay tuned! Also: Locus fans rejoice! Adam has a surprise in store for us tomorrow! Now’s your chance to get all caught up on the story before Adam launches… his big secret! Sorry, I can’t tell, but Locus fans can figure it out! Mosey on over and check out his archive! (Note: it’s a NSFW comic).