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Queen Elcyra seems quite put out that an entire ship of people would laugh at the opportunity to escort her illustrious person to meet with their leaders.

Zik can’t take her arrogance any longer, and cuts her off mid-sentence! He gives her a piece of his mind and lets her know that Zoz has no leaders, nor does it want any! The long and violent history of humanity since the dawn of civilization has proven the point: people who submit to authority inevitably get tyranny!

The crafty, crazy Queen doesn’t seem too bothered by Ziks tirade. She orders her Clonoids to open fire on the Kodiak!


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Tanaka jumps out of his snub fighter and gives a huge high five to Zik. Now we finally see what a Chadee is! They are a race of genetically engineered chimpanzees, who were given the ability to speak and understand at a human level by one of the geneticists that helped rebuild Earth’s ecosystem on Zoz. The full story about that, and the huge controversy it started among Zozians, will be told in a comic exclusively for Zik site members! Make sure you sign up so that you can see it when the time comes. There will be all kinds of extra back-story type of stuff available to patrons! I’ll also be filling in the information into the Zik Wiki that’s available for members. There’s so much amazing stuff for people who sign up!

Meanwhile, as Zik begins to explain the story to Amelia (who has never seen an Earth animal), James Anchor interrupts to remind Zik that they aren’t safe where they are and need to evacuate as quickly as possible.


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Zik has an apology to make to Amelia; he never intended for this riot to happen! All he wanted to do was negotiate for her release from prison, not cause a riot that ended in the factory explosion and the mass murder of a couple hundred people! Zik and Amelia look deeply into each others eyes… when suddenly a rock smashes into Zik’s head! The Clonoid Super Soldier has chucked a chunk of rubble at Zik, crushing his helmet! Zik tells Amelia to get herself and Trent to safety, and readies himself to finish this battle once and for all!

Role Reversal

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Trent finally catches up with Amelia, only to find her standing over the corpse of her erstwhile Clonoid jailer. They compare notes, and Amelia learns what all the commotion she’s been hearing is about. Shocked, she rushes off to help Zik and the others! The prisoner has become the rescuer!

Prison Worries

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Amelia is stuck in a cell! Understandably, she’s concerned about her fate. Her questions may be about to be answered though, as there’s a Clonoid at the door with a message! Who could it be from?

Interrupted Dreams

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Back at the village, Amelia is busy taking care of Vera. As she does so, she thinks of Zik and how fortunate they are that he has arrived! But someone interrupts her reverie…

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