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Zik asks Zoot to look for weaknesses and then tries to buy himself some time. Of course, teasing your opponent about his lack of family jewels is probably not the best way to go about it! With a quick boot to the chest, the fight has begun! And Zik is sent flying backwards. Let’s see how he does against this behemoth clonoid!

Diving In

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Faced with a situation that’s quickly gone completely out of control, Zik decides that the best way to get Amelia out safely is to eliminate as many clonoids as possible! He activates a neck brace which will protect him as he fights and he and Trent dive into the fray! Feet and fists fly to their targets and Trent lets his rail gun find its targets! Looks like the game of the day is if you can’t beat ’em, beat ’em up!

Oh my goodness what a long wait between pages! I am truly sorry for that. In early February I slipped on an icy staircase and konked the back of my head, resulting in a nasty concussion that has had me out of commission for months. It’s been a long, dark road to recovery, and I’m not even totally healed yet! Unbelievably, as of this posting, I’ve actually been asleep for most of 2015 so far! Fortunately, I had this page mostly completed before the accident, so there was only a wee bit left to do before it was complete.

I still have work to do on the new Locus site, but I’ve also started sketching out the next Zik page. I thought up a few other things while I was drifting in and out of consciousness, so there may be some fun things coming as well. We’ll see if I still think they’re good ideas when I’m fully healed!

Once again, I thank you for your patience! Zik fans are the absolute best!


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It looks like our hero has a bit of fight left in him! Time to visit a dentist, Clonoid! NEW FEATURE! We have a forum! Actually, there’s been a Departure Productions forum for a while, but I just rebooted it so I can share it with Adam Black’s old forum The Dawghaus, which broke due to a crappy host company. So mosey on over to and make an account! I’ll be posting extra stuff there from time to time, as well as extra insights into Zik’s universe, and some other projects I’ve got up my sleeve. Don’t forget to tune in to Adam’s new Silk And Honey comic! A bad guy is calling the shots, and it doesn’t look good for young Silk. And Barry put together a Phineus trailer! I’ve been planning on doing this type of thing for Zik as well.