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Tents Don’t Block Sound

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Zik is a little surprised that Vera already knows about Amelia being captured, but Vera reminds him that tents don’t block sound! She heard the whole thing. Vera knows how knights in shiny armor work, so she’s pretty confident that Zik will succeed in rescuing Amelia. What she doesn’t know is what Zoz is like. People listen to her, so many will follow her to Zoz if she goes. So what’s it like there? Will it be better or will they be going out of the frying pan into the fire? [level-subsc]
Again, this page was actually completed on April the 3rd, but I’m trying to rebuild my buffer. Having a buffer of pages is critical if you’re making a webcomic, especially if it isn’t your full-time job. It lets you to keep a schedule while allowing life to happen in between. If you’re like me and a lot of life is happening, your buffer gets used up and your schedule gets wrecked. That’s what happened to me at the end of 2012. Slowly things are getting back to normal for me, so this is my first attempt at getting back to a weekly schedule. Okay, it’s back to work on the Zoz page for me now!

Vera Knows

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Zik is back with the water, but Vera knows more than she’s letting on! What’ll happen next? Will she be mad at Zik? Stay tuned! Hey it’s another update! And you’re in for a treat: I’ve got another one for next week! [level-subsc]
So this page was actually completed on April the 3rd, along with the next page. Normally I’d just go ahead and post it, but I’m hoping to rebuild my buffer, but the next page after that is the crazy hard Zoz page. Wish me luck!
[/level-subsc] See you on the 16th!

Trent’s Problem

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Time to clear the air! And it looks like Zik has heard all this before… Well, I have to thank you for checking out this page.  Obviously I’m not updating on my regular days anymore, but Zik is NOT on hiatus!.  My wife’s MS has been a real pain in the butt (or brain) lately and more and she’s been needing more and more help and TLC.  So I’ve decided that Zik is going to update randomly from now on so I can accommodate her.  Basically, when a page is done, I’ll post it.  Keep an eye on my Twitter feed if you want to be notified of updates.  Thanks for sticking with me!


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I hope you had a great holiday vacation! Back on the prison planet, Zik seems to have found solution to his heat-sink problem, so let’s hope these copper pipes will do the trick! This is the first page I drew 100% digitally.  I’m still getting used to the new work-flow so please bear with me as I get my techniques down! The art will continue to improve from here on out as I get used to working with a tablet instead of pencils and pens.

No Children

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So now we see that Queen Elcyra is indeed a nasty character! Not only does she attack intruders, but she’s responsible for genocide!

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