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A Fatal Mistake

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Kyle finishes off his Clonoid soldier, but leaves himself fatally exposed! The other soldier clocks Roger and fatally electrocutes Kyle! Zik is not pleased that things are rapidly spiraling out of control, and Trent starts pulling out his gun! Stay tuned for the next page to see who’s quicker on the draw!


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The clonoid soldiers aren’t interested in talking, so the prisoners decide to feed them lunch – a knuckle sandwich! Knowing that this is the breakpoint, our scheming friend presses the attack with a rock to the face! Sure enough, the clonoid soldiers fall back on their default setting when attacked by surprise: kill everyone and let the clonoid drones sort out the mess!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to page 100 of Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz! I’ve been having a really fun time telling this story for you, and I hope it’s been an enjoyable read until now. This story is going to get frenetic from here on in, so strap yourselves in! Thanks for being with me on this journey so far!

Head Meet Rock

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That was a close one! Who bailed out our hero? Whoever it is has some serious stones! Find out next time! Speaking of “next time” Zik is returning to it’s non-summer schedule next week! So we’ll be here Tuesday and Thursday like usual! Twice the fun! Twice the adventure! Twice the drawing (oh crap I’d better get drawing!) Until then, may I submit these fine comics for your esteemed consideration?
  • Silk & Honey -Silk’s dad bit the bullet HARD! What is the ael going to do with her?
  • Raven’s Dojo -the Battle Royale has a winner! But what is Smoking Hottie up to??
  • Phineus, Magician for Hire – A new tale has started featuring the hawt vampiress Contessa!
See you next week!   EDIT:  SORRY FOR THE DOWNTIME!!  We had an unkind anonymous individual make unauthorized alterations to the website which was causing some kind of email spam thing to happen and my host suspended service until we could track down the source and plug the hole.  I will be going through everything on this entire network with a fine toothed comb in the coming days to see if there are more issues. BUT! Good news! Raven (Raven’s Dojo) interviewed Adam (Silk and Honey) for TWO HOURS! Take a listen, and pass it on! Those guys rock, eh?