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Testing The Water

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Zik’s curiosity about the water is understandable, considering how important the prisoners think it is. It’s fairly mundane, in reality, merely supplementing some minerals they’re not getting enough of from their captors. But Zik is always on the lookout for a new opportunity and the ionic silver in the water sounds like something to test out! …that is, if he can escape! What will he do when he learns that Amelia’s been arrested? [level-subsc]
The next Zik page is fairly simple to do, so I should be able to knock it out fairly quickly. After that, I think I’m going to get back to Project: Zoz page 2. I never got that finished because of the computer issues I was having. Those issues are much better now; I think I’ve got my display showing me colours accurately. Close just wasn’t good enough.
[/level-subsc] Thanks for keeping up with the story! Next page: back in spaaaaaaace!

The Spring

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They made it! A funny story by Zik ends a long, tiring journey across the hot sands to find this mysterious spring that can supposedly heal the sick. What was Zik talking about? Well, that was from another one of his adventures, and maybe one day we’ll read that story! Meanwhile, it’s time to stock up on this water and get it back to Aunt Vera! [level-subsc]
Thanks, mighty Zik members, for bearing with me while I got over this crazy migrane. It was almost 20 days long! I still feel kinda woozy, but as long as I can draw I’ll be A-OK! I worked pretty hard on the backgrounds for this page, so I hope the wait was worth it! The whole thing was done in Manga Studio 5, instead of Photoshop which I’ve been using up till now. MS5 has some nice features to it that I’d like to take advantage of, but Photoshop has certain advantages over it still. I’ll probably wind up doing a hybrid of the two. To see the process for this page, click here!
[/level-subsc] I’m still working on Project: Zoz page 2, and I’ll be working on the next Zik page at the same time. Stay tuned, friends! Adventure awaits!


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I think it’s time to get serious! The quest for freedom can wait, we’ve got a life to save here. Get on it, boys!